Channelling Brigette Bardot

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brigette Gingham Holiday in St Tropez dress $265 (aud)
Ooh La La! Wheels and Dollbaby have just released their new season collection entitled 'Holiday in St Tropez', which is a seriously gorgeous collection of Brigette Bardot inspired 1950's style garments.  I have been a big fan of Wheels and Dollbaby for years and really love their retro take on ultra feminine womenswear.  Designer Melanie Greensmith loves to celebrate the female form in a playful and sexy way in her creations, which has gained her label a cult following with celebrity fans including Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry.  I also love that the tagline is and has always been 'Clothes to snare a millionaire' which is hilarious and I'm sure it's not far from the truth, although I think most men wouldn't be able to resist a woman clad in these stunning pieces.

Carine Bardot Dress $385 (aud)
Sweater girl jewelled angora knit $198 (aud)
The soft and pretty colour palette of pale pinks, blues and greys contrasts brilliantly with the black satins and velvets used in this collection and I just love the vintage floral print used on the Gigi dress and Capri pants below.  I found it really hard to pick favourite pieces from this collection as to be honest I love and want it all.  Pencil skirts, curve hugging dresses and tailored knits are definitely on the list of my favourite things to wear.  I haven't worn capri pants in a few years as they haven't been in fashion much lately but they are certainly a fun and flirty alternative for summer.

Wheels and Dollbaby garments are available for shipping worldwide from their online store and I highly recommend their store as I've had really great service from them time after time.  I'm feeling totally inspired by this collection and certainly can't wait to channel my inner 1950's siren in these exquisite creations this summer.  Now for my ticket to St Tropez!

Tea Party Gigi dress $495 (aud)
Doll Baby Club Member cardi $125 (aud) and Tea Party Capri pants $175 (aud) 
Images from Wheels and Dollbaby

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