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Thursday, August 12, 2010

British Vogue February 2003
It's been a while since I've seen images of Sophie Dahl, who was one of my favourite faces during her modelling years.  Seeing her tonight on her new television show The Delicious Miss Dahl I was reminded of what a stunning beauty she is.  Those amazing blue eyes, luminous porcelain skin and stunning bone structure make for one exquisite face.

Regardless of her being a size 14 or a size 8 she has always been a radiant looking girl and a truly memorable model, which isn't easy in an industry where pretty faces are a dime a dozen.  The Vogue cover above is one of my favourite photos of her, I had this magazine up until a couple of years ago when my collection of Vogues (dating back to the early 90's) was unceremoniously thrown out by an ex as rubbish - blasphemy!  Anyway, here are a few gorgeous photos of the magnificent Miss Dahl.

And a couple of more recent pictures from her foray into being a television chef

Images from Sophie Dahl and my own image archive (not entirely sure where I got some of them from now)

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