Happy Birthday Marie Claire Australia

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blowing out the candles on their 15th birthday this month is Marie Claire Australia.  The magazine has been run by publisher/editor Jackie Frank since it's first issue in September 1995 and has become the most popular womens fashion magazine in Australia in that time.  Marie Claire is known as the fashion magazine with a conscience, as their aim is to not just to entertain and inspire their readers, but also to educate them as well.  Just as important as their comprehensive fashion coverage is the features department which covers all the serious issues important to women and their families.  Campaigning on various issues including paid maternity leave, violence against women and children and equal pay rights for women, Marie Claire has helped raise awareness on these issues and become a powerful voice in the Australian media.

For me Marie Claire is one of those magazines I have been reading since high school and alongside Vogue, Fashion Quarterly, Harper's Bazaar and a few others is one of my must reads every month.  I was fortunate enough to spend a few months earlier this year with the Marie Claire team at their offices in Sydney, which was a truly amazing experience.  They really do work extremely hard to bring the best possible content to their readers every month and it was a total thrill for me to have my work published and be quoted in such a brilliant magazine.

One of the highlights of my time at Marie Claire, aside from being published and meeting Jackie Frank that is, included attending a massive photo shoot to celebrate 15 years of RAFW, with the majority of Australia's top fashion designers in attendance.  As some of the designers were unable to attend myself and a few other girls from the Marie Claire office got to be stand ins (photoshopped out later of course) which was so cool.  I got to channel my inner model and chat to Therese Rawsthorne, Dion Lee, Kirrily Johnston and Jayson Brunsdon among others, talk about a fantastic day at the office!  I can't wait to return to Marie Claire sometime in the future, but in the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with reading their massive birthday issue.  Sadly however New Zealand is a little behind in terms of magazine distribution so we will have to wait a couple more weeks for the issue which is already on sale in Australia.  In the meantime Happy Birthday Marie Claire, I can't wait to see what the next 15 years brings.

Here is the final product from the RAFW photoshoot which was in Marie Claire's June issue, I was standing where Alannah Hill is (floral dress & big hair, top right).
Images from Marie Claire Australia

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