My Summer Holiday With Kate Sylvester

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roberta shirt and Harmony skirt
I'm in the middle of planning my wardrobe to go on my late European summer holiday now and was just thinking about the kind of garments I want to wear while I'm away.  Kate Sylvester's new season collection 'A Charming Man' came to mind for it's relaxed vintage-y feel perfect for days out exploring, casual shopping trips and catching up with some of my favourite people overseas. 

I love the insouciant but feminine feel of this collection with it's somewhat muted colour palette and pretty soft floral fabrics.  It has that perfect breezy holiday feel that I can imagine strolling the streets of Paris in and throwing the Marcelle blazer on when the temperature cools a little.

Marcelle blazer and Fredrica dress

Adora bra and Rose dress

Manon shirt dress
The best part about summer is clothing can be light and carefree.  I'm a dresses and skirts girl pretty much whatever the weather, but Kate has done some relaxed pants and shorts that would almost tempt me to wear them this season, but not quite.  I can just imagine going for drinks or to a show in the pretty Blythe dress (bottom photo) although fortunately that collar is detachable as I'm really not a fan of it.  Now if only I had the budget to buy this collection before the weekend that would be my holiday wardrobe sorted.

Flora dress

Marcelle blazer, Georgina skirt and Alex sweatshirt

Blythe dress
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