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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eclipse from Pleasure State couture
I'm a huge fan of gorgeous lingerie, always have been.  The more alluring and enticing the better really.  I wear it for me as much as I wear it for anyone else who might get a peek of it.  Cotton has it's place but I love delicate laces and silks so much more.  One of my favourite Australian lingerie companies has to be Pleasure State who do such glamorous and seductive collections season after season.  I absolutely adored the recent japanese inspired collections, and although I did purchase more of it than I should admit, I still want to get my hands on one of those stunning kimonos.

As it's my favourite time of year again right now with new season collections hitting stores, I wanted to share a few pictures from Pleasure State's new Science Fiction inspired collection.  It's modern, sexy and although it's inspired by the futuristic it's still utterly appealing and wearable.  Pleasure State has an amazing eye for detail and I've always found their garments to be really well made and cleverly designed.  I love the metallic accents, clever use of panelling and swarovski crystal details on the Couture collection.  The striking desert photoshoot is just stunning and definitely summons the sci fi goddess within.

Galaxy - my favourite photo and amazing motif
Their White Label collection, which is slightly cheaper but just as tempting, is about the application of the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water interestingly enough.  In keeping with that theme the whole collection has some subtle features and some striking features.  I also love that they have re-worked my favourite pieces Fan Dance and Makimono from the previous collection in new colours this season.

Helix - this one is so very pretty
The black and nude version of Fan Dance
Vortex - my favourite from this collection, it totally reminds my of my favourite line from Firefly (appropriate since the sci fi theme) 'Take me captain, take me hard!' Hehehehe.
I wasn't as enamoured with the VIP Collection for curvier ladies, but there are some great shots.  I love the retro look of Vector, totally awesome stockings and heels too.  The styling of Frequency is fascinating, the scarlet colour of the lingerie is perfection but the chain mail stockings and head piece are so very clever.

Vector - retro pretty lingerie with seriously sexy style
Frequency - gorgeous colour and such superb styling 
Nice work Pleasure State, yet again I want pretty much every piece!

Images from Pleasure State

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