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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sara Tetro and NZNTM's top 14
New Zealand's Next Top Model's second season premiered on TV3 on Friday and it was certainly a dramatic sixty minutes of television. Culling the girls from 33 to 22, and then down to 14 in the space of an hour was full on. They also managed to squeeze in a glamourous retro inspired photoshoot, a runway walking challenge and a trip to Wellington before the final 14 moved into their amazing model house in Auckland. Sara Tetro in Tyra's role does a great job, although my favourite judge is Colin Mathura Jeffree. He was his hilarious and cheeky self again in this episode and I think he makes the show that much more amusing.  His quote during the walking challenge with Alexandra Owen was brilliant 'Don't worry if you fall, it will be better than your walk!'

There are definitely some beautiful girls in the competition this year and the standard is again high although personally I don't think the gold photoshoot for the advertising does many of them any favours. But I presume it's part of the Top Model contract that they are styled in that way. My top 3 favourites this season are Holly, Lauren and Michaela and I can't wait to see how the competition progresses as there are quite a few strong contenders for the title in my opinion. Can't wait for next week's episode.

Profile photos shot by Russ Flatt from Isaac Likes and group photo with Sara Tetro from TV3

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