Designer Disturbia

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I love my fashion shoots with a dose of humour wherever possible, and this one entitled 'Domestic Disturbia' made me smile today.  Featuring Iris Van Berne and shot by Damon Baker, I found it on one of my favourite sites  Between throwing her designer bag in a skip, screaming down the phone and scoffing a burger and fries (yes that really is a Big Mac she's eating) this is not your average high fashion shoot and I love it. 

My favourite shot is the second one down with her throwing the bag away, everything from the styling, to the pose, to her disdainful expression, to that hair is fantastic.  The rubbish bag over her shoulder makes me laugh, I wonder what other beautiful belongings she has in there?  I also love the burger shot down the bottom, I'm well aware models do eat having worked with a lot of them now, but the shot of her munching the Big Mac like that with the fries in the other hand while being so styled just cracks me up.  I'm known for my love of beautiful clothes as well as my messiness, so if that was me that food would be everywhere and that dress would be on the way to the drycleaners by now.

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