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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I was at a loss for words to describe the amazing vintage inspired store I found today in Brisbane named Kitten D'Amour.  'Wow' was the first word that came to mind, closely followed by 'Oh my god, everything is so beautiful in here'.  You will see what I mean from the pictures below.  Kitten D'Armour create original clothing, lingerie and accessories inspired by the decadence and luxury of 18th Century France.  They only create a small quantity of each design to preserve the vintage feel and a new 'story' is introduced to the boutiques every 10 days.  The store really must be seen to be believed, it is truly like stepping back in time to a much more glamourous place.

Shopfront of the store on Adelaide Street in Brisbane

Store interior

Kitten D'Amour currently have two boutiques in Australia, the one above in Adelaide Street in Brisbane, and another that is located at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.  Fortunately for those of us not able to get to Queensland they also have an online store which delivers to New Zealand and Internationally too.

The designs are simply beautiful, so very feminine and gorgeous.  The best part is the prices aren't seriously expensive either considering the garments are stunning and well made.  Kitten D'Armour use exquisite motifs, lace, rosettes, feathers and pearls to create a truly authentic vintage feel and the garments certainly make you look and feel like a lady.  Here are some of my favourites from their website ...

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