Marc Jacobs Works His Magic

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The seventies were back with a vengance in all their decadent, hedonistic glory on the runway of Marc Jacob's New York show this week.  Beautiful rich shades of burgundy, gold, scarlet, grape and candyfloss in silks, satins, chiffons and knit Missoni style prints made for a stunning Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Amazing voluminous maxi dresses, sexy halters and hot pants worked with print coats, satin pants and 'Taxi Driver' style straw hats, to create glamourous looks that would be perfect for hot summer days and sweltering nights out.  I thought this collection was fantastic, I love the vibrant colours, gorgeous fabrics and clever draping.  The seventies have never looked more captivating and radiant, yet again Jacobs has created a collection that will be coveted by fashion followers the world over.

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