Shoe Of The Week - Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Cherry

Friday, September 10, 2010

How adorable are these pretty new Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Cherry shoes?  They are the latest version of the Westwood's Lady Dragon shoe series made by Brazilian shoe company Melissa.  The shoes are made entirely of a firm plastic, which doesn't sound that comfortable but I have a couple of pairs of Melissa shoes and I find them really comfortable to wear, the strap on these is also adjustable, which is even better for getting a good fit. 

I love the cherries on these in place of the hearts on the other version.  These cute little shoes also come in pale green and white as well as the pearlescent pink version above.  They are available on Melissa Australia's website for $185 (aud) which probably seems a tad expensive for plastic, but as I have found out they are really long lasting.  What better way to sweeten up a spring outfit then treating your feet to some cherries?


Just So Pretty x

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