Danielle Comes Out On Top

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Zealand's Next Top Model has just ended on TV3 and the winner for Cycle 2 is Danielle Hayes, the accidental model from Kawerau who auditioned for the show on a dare.  It's certainly been an up and down 13 weeks for Danielle, but despite flubbing the Covergirl commercial and being not quite as convincing in the final WOW performance, her amazing pictures meant that the judges saw the most top model potential in her. 

To be honest I would have been happy for any of the top 3 to win as they were all such strong contenders.  Although I did think that Michaela's professionalism tonight would secure her the win, but as we all know second place runners can often end up out performing the winners in time, so it will be very interesting to see how the NZNTM girls do out in the industry over the next few years.  Congratulations to Danielle, she certainly has a unique look and with stunning photos like hers she is deserving of being New Zealand's Next Top Model.

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