Kate Moss Smoulders For Valisere

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kate Moss is one of those iconic models who has done more campaigns and covers in her career than I could possibly list for you here.  At 36 she is still booking the top jobs and as these recently released images from Valisere's new range show, she is still as stunning as ever (although with a little more help from photoshop these days).  Valisere make some rather beautiful lingerie and my favourites from this collection would have to be the stunning scarlet pieces below.  As I have said before, I believe what's underneath an outfit should be every bit as pretty as what's on display and these sultry new pieces might just have to be added to my collection sometime very soon.

Images from: http://lucire.com/insider/20101025/kate-moss-fronts-sultry-valisere-lingerie-campaign/

Just So Pretty x

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