Kate's Great Summer

Monday, October 25, 2010

Emily dress
Kate Sylvester has just released her high summer range from her 'This Charming Man' collection and it's every bit as relaxed and pretty as her earlier release.  These really are the perfect clothes for lazy summer days.  My favourites are the Emily dress (above) that could so easily be dressed up or down and the beautiful lace Rachel dress that is delicate looking but so wearable.  Kate consistently puts out collections that are so very clever and carefully considered, she really hits the nail on the head every time.  I'd wear pretty much every piece.  But where to start?

Florence dress
Rachel dress

Coco skirt
Lucinda dress

Georgia dress

Keats trousers

Sophia dress
Images from: http://www.katesylvester.com/

Just So Pretty x


  1. I'm also a big Kate Sylvester fan :)

  2. I love that song! Also like the shoes used in this collection, both the loafers and the sandals.


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