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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Models backstage at Sera Lilly
NZFW 2010 is all over again for another year but I'm already looking forward to the next one, and of course the amazing collections that will be in stores in a few months time for Winter 2011.  I wrote an overall wrap up of the week for my friend Elsie Kassis's blog Diary Of A Fashion Muse which you can read here. But I thought I would write a little more about what I loved and what my NZFW was like.  This year I was on NZFW's PR team working with the lovely Anna Jobsz who is fashion week's PR Manager and the brilliant PR team.  My job involved working with the VIP's, Media Minders, Media crews, Journalists and many other people, basically making sure they all had what they needed to do their jobs and that all the scheduled media coverage on site went to plan in amongst a whole bunch of other tasks.

NY Stylist Derek Warburton and Anna Jobsz

Models on the runway at Huffer
I had a crazy busy week, moving around every bit of the venue, meeting and working with incredibly talented people, getting to see a few shows from the front of house for a change (most other years I've worked backstage in various roles) and catching up with some of my favourite NZ fashion people.  My day involved a lot of tracking various people down all over the venue, meeting and helping media crews capture the footage they needed, organising interviews and helping our VIP's and their minders get the most out of fashion week.  I did get to catch a few shows in person as well, as I wrote for Elsie my favourite shows were Juliette Hogan, Ruby, TwentySevenNames, Matchi Motchi and Kathryn Wilson.  But there were so many fantastic shows - Huffer, Sera Lilly, Cybele, Adrian Hailwood and Trelise Cooper were also amazing. 

I adored the Affinage 10 year retrospective show too for all the fantastic pieces that were truly a walk back down a very stylish memory lane.  A few of the garments I own from different collections over the years and it was a thrill to see them on the runway again.  We really have a remarkable fashion history in New Zealand and it was a fitting tribute to what an incredible thriving industry we have here.

Lucy Lawless, Nicole Miller, Keisha Castle Hughes and Krista White on the balcony of the VIP Matisse Lounge
One of my favourite experiences of the week was filming a Campbell Live interview with Tristram Clayton and super nice NY stylist Derek 'Fabulous' Warburton in the Matisse VIP Lounge.  Derek's mission was to style Tristram for the opening night party using garments and shoes from a bunch of local designers.  Some of the results of which were hilarious as unfortunately the pants were all a size too small and the 'pirate' style pants had Derek laughing out loud.  The final outfits chosen were great and Derek certainly transformed him into a stylish 'man about town', although I won't forget Derek giving Tristram a runway walking lesson in a hurry.  He may have looked the part but somehow I think Tristram's 'walk' has a long way to go.

I had such a fantastic time at fashion week and I know that one of the common misconceptions about the fashion industry is that the people in it are vain, shallow and bitchy, which I would like to tell you right now is simply not the case in my experience.  In New Zealand the industry is pretty small in comparison to overseas and pretty much everyone I've worked with has been lovely, friendly and really professional.  I've worked on a few fashion weeks now and despite the stressful and hectic nature of the event there are suprisingly few tantrums, everyone simply does what needs doing and has a good time while doing so.  This fashion week we had another fantastic contingent of delegates and it was a pleasure to meet and work with some of our local and international VIPs.  I really can't believe it's all over again for another year, I had such a brilliant NZFW and can't wait for next year's already.

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