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Sunday, October 24, 2010

One of New Zealand's most feminine designers would have to be Auckland's Sera Lilly, who specialises in beautiful dresses.  'L'eclisse' is the title of her collection for Spring/Summer 2010/11 and it's just as gorgeous as it's name suggests.  Fresh floral prints, delicate laces and sensuous silks make up a collection which provides a dress for every occasion. 

With party season rapidly approaching I will be investing in some pretty Sera Lilly pieces to wear to everything from the races, to parties and summer weddings.  If you'd love to see Sera's creations on the runway she will also be showing her summer collection at the Fashion Beauty Music party on November 20th at Kelliher Estate in Auckland, tickets from Iticket.

Sera also does exquisite wedding gowns for brides who want romantic gowns for their special day.  They are simple in design but just beautiful and as Sera also custom makes gowns to order she is one of the first stops for Auckland brides who want a special New Zealand made gown.  Sera's designs are really just so pretty.

Images from: http://www.seralilly.com/

Just So Pretty x

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