When Cupid Met Boh

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Arrow Bow Necklace $296 (nzd)
The multi talented Boh Runga has just released her 6th silver jewellery collection in collaboration with NZ Mint entitled 'Weapons Of Mass Devotion'.  Its designed to be 'A peek inside Cupid’s arsenal of weapons designed to turn the world into lovers and not fighters' and is a rather charming collection of weapon inspired pieces.  I'm a big fan of silver jewellery and Boh Runga has released some rather covetable pieces in the past few years. 

From this collection my favourite piece is the Love Arrow Bow necklace (above) as I love the tongue in cheek nature of it and it's delicate but wearable design.  The charms and charm bracelet in this collection are also really cute, best of all Boh's jewellery is available to buy online here.  Well they say love is a battlefield so I guess a little extra protection is always a good thing.
Arrow Earrings $158 (nzd)

Gun Charm $72 (nzd)

Images from: http://www.nzmintjewelry.com/boh-runga/womd/

Just So Pretty x


  1. I have Boh Runga Duo Miromiro feather earings (bought a couple of years ago) and I absolutely adore them...she has many talents and design is definitely one of them. Cute blog by the way :)

  2. Oh I love those ones, they are so pretty. I have the necklace. Agreed, she is definitely one very clever lady. Thank you, I'm glad you like it :-)


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