Monday Must Have From Wheels And Dollbaby

Monday, November 1, 2010

As you have probably already guessed I'm a huge fan of ladylike dressing and the trend over the past few years towards more feminine clothes (thank you Mad Men), has made me really happy.  This simple but stunning 'Holiday in St Tropez' dress from Wheels and Dollbaby encompasses a lot of what I love about dressing girly.  It's fitted and waisted and gives a fantastic silhouette as well as being made of velvet which is such a lovely luxe fabric to wear. 

This is definitely something Joan would wear and you can't help but wonder if the flame haired model in their lookbook shoot is a tribute to the current curves advocate, the radiant Christina Hendricks.  Priced at a rather reasonable $285 (aud) it's a simple way to get glamourous, in a dress that will flatter pretty much every shape.  There is much more gorgeous temptation awaiting at the Wheels and Dollbaby online store here.


Just So Pretty x

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