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Friday, December 31, 2010

Juliette's 'Mind Your Manners' collection on the runway at NZ Fashion Week 2008
The designer that has truly captured my imagination and has me highly anticipating her every move and new collection she makes is local Juliette Hogan.  Anyone who knows me personally will know that I own more of Juliette's clothing than any other designer now, and have several pieces from every collection since I first discovered her label several years ago.  She started it in 2004 and established her gorgeous Ponsonby road store (which I confess to visiting at least every couple of weeks) in 2007.

Juliette has gained a significant following in the past couple of years, becoming a New Zealand Fashion Week must-see for local fashionistas.  Her sophisticated designs have also become media favourites and have graced television screens and red carpets both in New Zealand and overseas in that time.  Juliette's collections are beautiful, feminine, stylish, timeless and appeal to me in every way.  She mixes modern and vintage for a look that is just so pretty, totally her own and ulitmately really wearable.  I'm so excited about and cannot wait to see her new collection 'The morning after the night before' instore in February.

NZFW 2010 Runway shot from Juliette's Winter 2011 collection

Outfit from Juliette's current 'Textbook Beautiful' collection

Bohemian Dress from her Winter 2009 'Mind Your Manners' collection

NZFW 2009 Runway shot from her Winter 2010 collection

Lookbook shot from her upcoming Winter 2011 collection

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