Barbie's Karl Lagerfeld Makeover

Friday, January 14, 2011

There is something about Barbie that has always made me smile, as a little girl I had many dolls but Barbie was always my favourite.  I've seen a bunch of photoshoots over the years featuring Barbie as a model, some really clever interpretations too.  This one has been commissioned by Colette and is styled and shot by the infamous Karl Lagerfeld.  The photos are to be displayed in their upcoming Barbie 50th birthday celebration between March 9th-28th. 

I love that in the top photo the male model has been styled as Karl himself and through clever use of photoshop they have managed to make he and Barbie a convincing couple.  He certainly does have a 'Ken-ness' about him, maybe it's the hair?  Anyway I love the outfits chosen for Barbie, the gown is spectacular and the navy polka dot number is just gorgeous.  One thing is for certain, Barbie always makes the perfect model.

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