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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dion Lee's show at RAFW 2010
Fashion, love it or loathe it, it is a component of the lives of every single person on the planet, as we all need to wear clothing or footwear of some kind pretty much every day of our lives.  I often get asked why I do what I do and what it is about fashion that I find so inspiring, intriguing and utterly engaging.  Why is it that my heart beats faster the closer it gets to the start of a runway show, as the anticipation rises in my body and I can't help but feel the palpable excitement of my fellow fashionistas in the air?  I have other interests and passions, but for me fashion combines my deep love of aesthetics, beauty, creativity and the thrill of the new.  In the same way that you can't help who you fall in love with, I cannot help my obsession with fashion.  It makes me happy and excites me in a way that is honestly comparable to a passionate love affair.  My love of beauty, aesthetics and fashion is an intrinsic part of my being and shapes how I view the world.

My fascination with fashion began at a very early age. When as a two year old I would curl up my toes to stop my mother putting shoes on my little feet that I didn't like the look of. Countless hours of dressing up in my stylish mother's wardrobe followed. An enchantment with shiny fashion magazines with their glossy pages and glamourous photos began then too. My love of dressing up turned into studying acting and later film and television production, but my affection for fashion never faded and continued to grow over the following years. After 8 years of working in film and television I applied and was accepted to study fashion business at FBI Fashion College in Sydney, Australia to finally begin turning my predilection for fashion into a career.

One of my favourite models Gisele Bundchen
Now a couple of years down the track I've written for a handful of online and print fashion magazines, attended and worked on more runway shows than I can easily count and developed a much greater understanding of the business and obsession that is fashion, from the inside.  I have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most amazing talents in the Australasian fashion industry and am so thrilled to count some of them as friends. 

In fashion, as in life, I think understanding how the past has shaped the future and where we are going, is really important. From the iconic European greats such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior to the dynamic designers from my corner of the globe such as Karen Walker, Sass and Bide, Willow and Kate Sylvester.  They are being ably followed by exciting new generation designers Romance Was Born, Dion Lee and Juliette Hogan.  The fashion industry has such a scintillating and often scandalous history, but it's future is also equally as enthralling.  I get really enthused about new designers and I'm always thrilled to discover labels that inspire me.  Each new season brings so many delightful new temptations to covet, buy and wear.

I worked backstage on this amazing Hailwood show at ANZFW 2009
To stay up to date I read everything I can get my hands on both in print and on the internet and through this little blog I aim to share with you the images, news, collections and pieces that enchant and appeal to me.  Fashion is my obsession, passion and constant source of inspiration.  It's an ever evolving and growing global business that I am elated to be a part of and hope to be involved with for a very long time.

Just So Pretty x

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