Olivia Sparkles In Marchesa

Monday, January 17, 2011

Awards show season is upon us again, beginning today with the 68th annual Golden Globes in LA.  As per usual I'm not nearly as interested in who wins what, as I am in who wore what on the red carpet and on stage.  These events are always a showcase for some of the most incredible designer gowns in the world and never fail to disappoint with the showstopping glamour that Hollywood awards ceremonies are known for.

I've been flicking through all the photos coming in and so far my favourite is this to-die-for gorgeous gown worn by the stunning Olivia Wilde.  She looks absolutely beautiful and that exquisite gown looks like it was literally sprinkled with stardust - amazing!  I love that she kept her hair and jewellery simple with such a detailed princess dress too.  I will post some more Golden Globes gowns soon, I just had to put this one up now as I'm so impressed by it.

Image from: http://www.facebook.com/MarchesaFashion

Just So Pretty x

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