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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I adore new season time, especially getting up close and personal with all the garments that I have been staring at in lookbooks for the past few months.  Pleasure State lingerie's new collection has just been released and as expected it is as gorgeous and sultry as ever.  Although this season the label have taken their inspiration from the beauty of nature, picking a different element to theme each collection's garments around. 

Pleasure State Couture is entitled Oceania and inspired by the splendour of the underwater realm.  The vibrant colours of the sea and underwater marine life form the colour palette for this collection, although ironically there is not much blue for a collection entitled Oceania.  Anyway, I love Ultramarine (above) for it's exquisite shade, Kryptonite and Gamma Ray for their incredible lace detailing and Fire Coral for it's pretty vintage feel.

Gamma Ray
Fire Coral
This season's White Label collection is inspired by the Bohemian butterfly and is intended to be fun and dreamy with beautiful colours and textures.  It's quite whimsical and very pretty, My favourites are the Bohemia for that amazing scarlet lace, Diaphanous and Essence for their sweet girly colours and Zephyr for it's gorgeous details.  The styling for this shoot is really lovely, I'm always a fan of butterflies and there are certainly a lot of them in these photos. 

Pleasure State VIP is inspired by all things botanical and amazonian as evidenced by the exotic lookbook shoot below.  This collection didn't impress me as much, but some of it is still really pretty.  Although to be honest Pleasure State's last incredible sci fi inspired collection was always going to be hard to beat. 

My favourite VIP pieces are the Amazonia for it's sexy but delicate feel, Matrix for it's simple, pure beauty and Eon for it's gorgeous turquoise colour and print.  Overall another truly sublime collection for Pleasure State, my biggest problem is deciding what I want first.



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