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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love designers that like their fashion with a dash of fun and Henry Holland certainly has a great sense of humour.  His nana chic collection, yes, I did just say nana and chic in the same sentance, is quirky, fresh and totally cool.  Parading down the runway at London fashion week came all manners of colourful crochet inspired garments, mixed with candy coloured tweeds and silks and some leather jackets to toughen things up a bit. 

Of course his fantastic tights, of which I own more pairs than I will admit to here, were also on display and in matching bright colours to his brilliant outfits.  I adore this collection for it's cute, cheeky brand of cool.  Henry Holland certainly is a master at turning on the charm and wowing us with his unique sense of style and fun.

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