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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is another post I have meant to put up sooner, but just had to post anyway.  My lovely and talented cousins, Lara and Tegan, who are based in Sydney, Australia, started their own online magazine entitled Motif late last year.  It has been picking up a great following since it's launch issue 'Nostalgia' (each issue is centred around a theme) and I was lucky enough to be in Sydney last month, to work with them on an editorial shoot for their new issue.

Shot by talented and stylish local photographer Dan Hilburn, in sprawling Centennial Park.  The issue's theme of 'Into the Woods' was played out in a Red Riding Hood story turned on it's head, conceptualised by Lara and Tegan.  Starring stunning models Sophie Crenigan and Luca Spataro and featuring a mix of local designers and Etsy finds, this gorgeous editorial was a lot of fun to shoot. 

These are just a few photos from the editorial, you can find the rest in the new issue of Motif magazine here.  I thoroughly recommend checking it out, as it's a really interesting, entertaining and inspiring read, and features of host of local and international creative contributors.  Well done Motif team on a fantastic second issue, can't wait for number 3!

Images from: http://www.motifmag.com/ shot by Dan Hilburn

Just So Pretty x

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