All That Sparkles Is Swarovski

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have been so super busy lately I hadn't got to catch up on the last few episodes of Gossip Girl until the past couple of days.  The fashion on that show is always inspiring and I can't help but covet both Blair's and Serena's incredible wardrobes, oh and Chuck and Nate of course.  Anyway I just so happened to notice Blair's exquisite necklace teamed with a gorgeous blush Oscar de la Renta gown in the 'Pretty In Pink' episode.  It really is the most beautiful tones and made me curious to have more of a look at Swarovski's latest offerings.

The amazing pieces below are from Swarovski's most recent 'Wings Of Poetry' collection and are simply sublime.  I really do want every single piece as they are such pretty colours and I'm a total magpie when it comes to sparkly jewellery.  They really do appeal to the princess within, I think I know exactly what I want for my next birthday now, just which wonderful piece to choose?

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