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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brand spanking new Virgine Magazine has just been launched online and will be launched in print in New York and around the world on June 1st.  Founded by photographer and Editor In Chief, Ryan Yoon, Virgine is a fashion magazine without limits, that aims to blur the boundaries between art, music, fashion and the creative industries in a new way.  An example of their different approach is the editorial shoot 'All You Can Get' which is a mix of fashion and art, as it features garments made out of coke cans, tide containers and even m&m's.  I think it's safe to say that m&m dress would quickly get shorter and shorter if left in my hands, but it certainly is cleverly constructed.

Virgine's first issue features several fascinating interviews including one with fashion legend Azzedine Alaia.  As expected with an established photographer at the helm, the editorial shoots are inspired and utterly beautiful.  One of my favourites is a Madonna influenced shoot which I've included a few photos of below.  For a limited time you can download the first issue for free at Virgine's website.  I really recommend that you do as it's certainly a spectacular debut, both thoroughly readable and aesthetically delightful.

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