Oh Honey!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful delicates are a passion of mine.  Silk, satin and lace feel amazing on the skin and I'm a firm believer that a gorgeous outfit should have lingerie every bit as lovely underneath it.  I have been meaning to write about Honey Birdette's incredible Australian lingerie stores since I came across the Westfield Sydney one earlier in the year.  It was with great delight that I recently discovered they also have an online store and ship pretty much everywhere. 

Labelled a sensuality boutique, Honey Birdette stock everything a girl needs to make her bedroom a fantastic place to be.  Stunning lingerie, hosiery, accessories, toys and books are all part of the shopping experience.  I went into the store with a friend of mine and ended up spending well over an hour in there trying on gorgeous garments and of course left with a bunch of pretty new fancies, after some expert advice and corset lacing from the helpful shop assistant.

Pictured is just a small amount of the serious collection of amazing lingerie Honey Birdette has on offer, they also stock a great selection of one of my favourite labels Pleasure State.  If you're in Australia I highly recommend a visit to one of their beautiful boutiques, which really must be experienced by lingerie fans.  I'm sure, like me, you will struggle to choose which pieces you want most, but that's definitely not a bad thing! 

Images from: http://www.honeybirdette.com.au/

Just So Pretty x

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