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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion photography is one of my absolute favourite things, I'm always checking out new editorials and there is nothing I love more than following the careers of the amazing creative talent.  Jessica Sim is a young local photographer who I've covered before on this blog and whose work I continue to admire and be inspired by.  She recently posted this cute shoot on her own blog which she did for Y & F magazine, you can check it out here

I've included some of the published shots and some of the out-takes from the shoot as I love the colours, styling and beautiful use of natural light in this shoot.  It also just so happens to include one of my favourite kiwi models Derya Parlak (above), who is one of the sweetest models I've ever worked with and a gorgeous girl to boot.

Images from: http://www.jessicasimnz.blogspot.com/

Just So Pretty x

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