Robyn's Radiant Triumph

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The exquisite Robyn Lawley really is having an incredible year so far.  Fresh from her appearance on the cover of Vogue Italia, she now features solo in this superb 10 page editorial for Vogue Australia's about to be released September issue, shot by Max Doyle.  The first time in the magazine's 52 year history a plus size model has done so, according to it's editor Kirstie Clements.  It's definitely a massive triumph for Robyn and signals an ongoing changing attitude in magazine's approaches to curvier models.  Robyn is actually a size 14 according to her modelling agency's website, in case you're wondering what counts as plus sized in fashion.  Interestingly enough the average size woman in Australia and New Zealand is also a size 14. 

But back to the photos, I think these shots are just divine and Robyn looks oh so sexy with this retro styling and fitted monochrome outfits.  The semi-sheerness of some of the garments, hints of lingerie and stay up stockings add to the seductive effect of these shots. I think any red-blooded male in the world would buy anything this gorgeous girl cared to sell them dressed like this. 

I'm not usually one to weigh in on the contentious model size debate, no pun intended, but I have to admit the modelling world's labelling of any model over a size 10 as plus sized really does bug me.  Having been around runway shows and models a lot over the past 3 years, I understand it's just how the industry is and that it is slowly changing to embrace curvier girls.  But part of what bugs me is that for clothing, the label 'plus sized' isn't applied to a garment until it's over a size 14, yet when it comes to models, any girl over a size 10 is labelled as plus sized, see the discrepancy there?  Seems rather odd doesn't it?  I don't think it's fair on any girl who's a size 10, 12 or 14 to be labelled plus sized when by the clothing's definition, she's not.  It's that kind of labelling that damages self esteem and confidence.

I honestly believe we should be embracing our natural body shapes, both in fashion and in life.  Whether tall, slim, petite or curvy, beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes and it's great that fashion is beginning to embrace that more.  After all happy and healthy is what we should be aspiring to, as there's much more to life than the size on the tag of your clothing.

What are your thoughts on these pretty images?  Do you want to see more curvy models in the pages of fashion magazines?

Images from: Robyn Lawley

Just So Pretty x

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