Bountiful Braids And Fashion Quarterly

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Suitably bright and breezy, the spring issue of Fashion Quarterly hit shelves on Monday and it's another beautiful issue from it's talented team.  Full of chic inspiration for the coming season, there is page after page of gorgeous fashion to suit every taste.  I've been using the new issue to plan my NZ Fashion Week wardrobe and have a bunch of fresh ideas to make my outfits super pretty and practical for a busy week of shows.

I have to admit what really caught my eye on that cover was those incredible braids, which are also featured in an editorial in the issue titled 'Call to print'.  Braids seem to be everywhere again at the moment and I adore them, especially these textured full ones.  Oh how I wish I could wear those in my own hair everyday, they are a perfect match for the girly looks I covet.  

You can pick up a copy of Fashion Quarterly at any good magazine retailer in NZ, it's always a great read that has a positive influence on my wardrobe, just not so much on my credit card!  

Image from: Fashion Quarterly

Just So Pretty x

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