NZFW 2011: Fiery Hot Phoenix

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bringing an energetic dose of pink glitter glamour to Fashion Weekend was the incredible Phoenix Cosmetic's show.  Featuring a lineup of gorgeous girls and dapper gents, including loads of local celebrities, a parade of amazing lingerie inspired outfits and astounding make-up came down the runway in the most entertaining show of the week.

Proving to be the most dramatic show seen on the runway in a long time, the opening sequence was a Bonnie and Clyde scene complete with a runaway couple, gangsters, cops and gunfire, which was directed by Shortland Street's Kiel McNaughton.  Set in the 1920's and 30's the show was non-stop glitz and glamour, performed with infectious enthusiasm by it's radiant cast.  Burlesque dancers and singers also paraded down the runway in dazzling displays of skill and beauty, performing songs from the film 'Burlesque'.

The intricate make-up really had to be seen to be believed, it was totally jaw-dropping and must have taken hours to create.  Pearls, sparkles, lace and all kinds of bodypaint adorned the models in a rainbow of beautiful colours.  Fittingly the wonderful 'pink ladies' team of make-up artists led by Phoenix Renata took to the runway in the finale walk alongside their amazing creations.

I loved this show for it's pure joy and excitement, as well as the fantastic sparkle factor.  The models smiled and danced down the runway, loving every moment of it and reflecting healthy sized bodies and attractiveness, which is something I wish we saw more of on the main runways during the week.  Outstanding work done by a remarkable team made for a truly beautiful spectacle.

Images from: Phoenix Cosmetics

Just So Pretty x

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