NZFW 2011: Kathryn Wilson

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Closing NZFW with a stunning display of sexiness and some fantastic shoes, Kathryn Wilson's second NZFW show was a triumph that she shared with a huge crowd of several thousand fashion lovers.  Taking the unusual approach of opening her show up to the public, instead of the standard closed event for just VIPS, media and buyers, her fans certainly appreciated the chance to see a proper NZFW show in person and turned up in droves.

The show itself was a gorgeous display of beautiful shoes from her upcoming Winter 2012 collection, showcased on models wearing exquisite Pleasure State lingerie from their couture range, entitled 'Black Diamond'.  The shoes themselves were everything we've come to expect from Kathryn Wilson, fashion forward, versatile and super stylish.  Flats, pumps, wedges and boots were all included in the collection with styles and colours to please every shoe lover.

Brilliant chanteuse Kimbra (also wearing Kathryn Wilson) performed songs from her newly released album 'Vows' straight after the runway show, which were enthusiastically greeted by the crowd.  It was a fantastic evening of style and was followed up the next morning with the opening of Kathryn Wilson's first store.  A gorgeous little pop up shop in Britomart, designed to look like a Kathryn Wilson shoebox.  The store carries both the Kathryn Wilson and Miss Wilson ranges and will be open for the next 6 months into summer.  Kathryn's brand is going from strength to strength and I really can't wait to see what she does next.  

The new Kathryn Wilson 'pop up' shoebox store

Images from: Pleasure State and Kathryn Wilson

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