NZFW 2011: Oh My MisteR

Friday, September 9, 2011

Energetic, adorable and so much fun, Christchurch designers Mickey Lin and Ra Thomsen from MisteR, produced a collection that enchanted the NZFW audience and had us all wanting more.  Inspired by fairytales and entitled 'Not So Grimm' it was a really cute and wearable collection that was oh so sweetly styled.

MisteR create ranges for both guys and girls, that are a colourful and fun alternative to ordinary plain knits, shirting and suiting.  Featuring an array of amazing plaids, leaf prints and polkadots in crimson, navy, green, purple and orange, this collection bought a real sense of playfulness with gingerbreadman and heart brooches accessorising the cute outfits.

Opening and the show was disabled model Josh Perry also from Christchurch, who rolled down the catwalk in his motorised wheelchair, looking dapper in his MisteR outfit and matching hat (sorry I don't have a photo of him for you, he did such a great job).  He approached Mickey and Ra as he wanted to make his first runway appearance at NZFW, and as he was a good fit for their brand, they took him on and helped make his runway dream come true.  He also led the finale walk and looked every inch the professional, focused model on the runway, I hope we get to see him again at NZFW.

MisteR's collection was one of my absolute favourites from the week for it's fantastic styling, gorgeous collection and the fact that is was actually a true 'winter' collection.  Those outfits looked so warm and exactly what I would want to wear in the cooler weather.  Being both a mens and womens range you have the added bonus of being able to mix and match with your boy's wardrobe - perfect.  You can also check out their website for their current Spring/Summer collection here.   

Images from: Michael Ng @ NZFW

Just So Pretty x

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