Riveting Rose

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've always thought Rose Byrne was breathtakingly beautiful and these new shots of her from Muse magazine caught my eye immediately today.  A nice break from all the runway photos I've looked at over the past few weeks, this editorial, shot by Will Davidson and styled by Zoe James, is retro inspired and just gorgeous. 

I love how elegant these shots are and how the loosely styled hair adds a slightly dishevelled feel that's quirky pretty, instead of perfect pretty.  The feel is relaxed glamour, which is emphasised by the dramatic black and white.  Rose is definitely exquisite looking and as much as I love all these shots, there is something really charming about the last one, amazing!

Images from: http://fashiongonerogue.com/rose-byrne-will-davidson-muse-fall-2011/

Just So Pretty x


  1. She is very beautiful. But these shots make me a bit sad that she has succumbed to "Hollywood-skinny".

  2. Agreed, she is looking rather thin these days. It is a shame that there is still so much pressure on actresses to look so skinny, it's craziness.


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