Vintage Golden Globes

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This incredible photo just made my heart skip a beat at it's stunning yesteryear glamour.  I'm not sure exactly which Golden Globes ceremony this was from, but it's definitely the 1950's and as much as I wish I could name all the stars in this photo, the only one obvious to me is Marilyn Monroe.  Do you know who the rest of them are?  I wish I knew my old Hollywood movie stars better looking at this photo.

One of the things I do love about it though is the beautiful gowns, I'm guessing this is the late 50's since not all the ladies are wearing gloves and Marilyn is wearing such a form fitting low-cut number.  I love how she instantly draws your eye to her with that vibrant red gown.  She's definitely in control in this photo, with her hands on hip pose and direct to the camera pout.  It would have been amazing to live in such a glamourous era when feminine fashion was at it's height.

Image from: Vintage London

Just So Pretty x

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