The week that was NZ Fashion Festival 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Since it's been two whole months since I last blogged, I thought I'd get back into it by blogging about last week's NZ Fashion Festival.  I got home to NZ from London nearly two weeks ago now and it's gone by in the blink of an eye, although I couldn't be happier that it's substantially warmer in Auckland than it has been in the UK lately.  I finished up my studies at the London College of Fashion just a few weeks ago after some of the most intense last few months of study of my life!  Although I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten accepted into such an amazing school, can't wait to finally graduate in July.  Needless to say studying took priority over blogging and everything else in my life.  I singlehandedly created an entire magazine in my last two months of study, everything from the research, interviewing, writing, design and some of the photography was done by me and submitted last month.

Anyhow, I'm back in NZ until late April and I have to say after the hecticness of London, it's nice to catch the tail-end of a chilled out kiwi summer.  Another reason it's great to be back is getting to attend NZFF for nzgirl, I love any excuse to watch runway shows and get to hang out with my favourite fashion people, I made a few new friends too this time which was great.  As for the festival, well it was pretty cool too.  As much as the fashion wasn't new, as it's the collections that are currently in-store that were on the runways at NZFW last year, they had fresh styling and the mix of designer brands and chain-store brands was a good idea to give the event broader appeal.  As the whole aim of it is to get the public along so they can see what's available and go out and buy what they love the very next day if they want to.

Watching the edited versions of the gorgeous collections I adored at NZFW on the runway again was a mostly enjoyable experience, my only gripe would be that quite a few of the labels showing edited their collections to show the most wearable pieces.  While it's totally understandable given the aim of the shows, it did make things slightly less exciting and dramatic.  This was most noticeable at labels like World, who presented a collection that was barely recognisable from their NZFW display, although fortunately they made up for it later in the week by sending more of their show-stopper pieces down the runway at the Britomart public show.

We certainly have some incredibly talented people in NZ, the list of labels for the week was such a stellar line-up of so many fantastic brands, I lost count of them all.  Highlights for me were similar to my NZFW highlights: Salasai, Mister, Jimmy D, Ruby, Liam, Celine Rita, Blak Luxe and Lonely Hearts were all among my favourites.  One of the best things about NZFF would have to be the atmosphere, it was wonderful to see the NZ fashion family again and to see so many people who came along getting into the spirit and dressing up a bit, which was great.

High on the list of things I enjoyed during NZFF was also the seminars, the MAC ones ranking top of my list (and not just for the awesome goodie bags) for the brilliant mix of information, entertainment and babe factor.  MAC's Aussie trainer Ocea Ferber did a fantastic job of leading the seminars and was every bit as helpful as she was funny, and made each hour fly by in a flurry of beauty and glitter.  As she says 'No make-up is complete without glitter' - love it!

Special mention must go to all the awesome bloggers, photographers, stylists, designers, models, crew and prs I got to see again, hung out with, giggled with, or met for the first time.  I feel so very lucky and grateful to be a part of the amazing NZ fashion family and I can't wait to come back for NZFW in September and see everyone again.

These are some of the photos and looks I loved from NZFF.  Enjoy x

Who's Henri

Lonely Hearts


Stolen Girlfriend's Club
Sable and Minx


Celine Rita


Helen Cherry

Jimmy D
 Images from: Will Seal, Richard Symon, Sacha Stejko and Vernon Julich.

Just So Pretty x


  1. ahhh lovely photos!!! I just attended like the first day and I didn't snap so many pictures that day.


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