Counting down to MBFWA 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Whitney Port is coming to MBFWA with her Whitney Eve label.
Just one more sleep and MBFWA 2012 kicks off in Sydney, and I'm thrilled to be here to cover it.  There has been lots of drama, hype and all sorts of rumours so far and the week hasn't even begun yet.  With no New Zealander's showing, lots of big names including Alex Perry deciding not to show this year and the last minute drop outs of Josh Goot and Dion Lee, it's been interesting to see just what the schedule would look like for the week.

Romance Was Born have the coveted opening show at 9am tomorrow, and I'm sure their show will be every bit as sensational and theatrical as their previous offerings and is guaranteed to open MBFWA with a bang!  The first day is jam-packed and the busiest of the week with 13 shows on, closing with Ginger and Smart's 10 year celebration show at David Jones.  The week continues at a hectic pace with 53 shows on this week, before concluding on Friday night with a party by Fernando Frisoni.

This week I'm really excited to see so many different labels, I can't name them all without making a bit list, but high on the agenda is Alice McCall, Zimmermann, Bowie, Kirrily Johnston, Aurelio Costarella, Akira, Watson X Watson and We Are Handsome.  Of course I also can't wait to see what The City star Whitney Port's 'Whitney Eve' range has to offer.

As well as the many talented labels showing this week, there is a massive amount of media and buyers from all over the world eager to see what MBFWA has to offer.  Among the stylish roll-call of names on the media list is the incredible Tim Blanks (, Susie Bubble, Bryan Boy and Elin Kling.  Like a lot of international fashion weeks, I'm sure the garments worn by the delegates will be just as interesting as those shown on the runway.

I'm so excited to share MBFWA 2012 with you in just one more sleep.  Check back here this week for lots of updates.

Image from: Tailormaid Communications

Just So Pretty x

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