Magnificent MBFWA: My Top Ten

Thursday, May 17, 2012

 Alice McCall

MBFWA 2012 was by far one of the best fashion week's I have attended, there were so many stunning outfits that drew audible sighs of pleasure as they glided down the runway.  I've had a little time now to go back through the galleries and my notebook from the week to decide on my favourite ten collections.  Although I've only included the collections I was actually invited to see as I thought that was only fair.

Amongst all the beauty of MBFWA there was one collection that caught my attention and captured my imagination and that was from Alice McCall as I mentioned in my last post.  I would absolutely buy and wear everything from this gorgeous 'Babushka' inspired collection, the colours, silhouettes, fabrication and beautiful cohesiveness of the collection had me breathless! 

Also really high on my list was the crisp and clean elegance at Gary Bigeni, his collection felt so fresh and modern, while being really refined and so wearable.  The incredible gowns at Bowie, Akira and Aurelio Costarella had me captivated by their amazingness, I couldn't take my eyes away from the runway at all during any of their shows.

 Gary Bigeni



Aurelio Costarella

I wasn't that familiar with Magdalena Velevska's collections prior to her brilliant outdoor show but I greatly admired her chic shapes, clever attention to detail and the fact that her garments were quite different to any others I saw on the runway during the week, there is always something to be said for originality.
Red carpet worthy and dripping in sequins, Johanna Johnson's collection was one of the most luxe and truly ornate of the week, her show oozed glamour with gown after gown gracing the runway in a subtle colour palette, I loved the beautiful headwear on her models too. Carl Kapp went for quite the opposite with lots of clean lines and clever draping, in rainbow bright hues which certainly stood out on the runway.
Jayson Brunsdon's romantic collection inspired by Lana Del Rey was utter perfection in it's own ladylike, with a naughty edge way. I loved the fitted silhouettes, vintage styling and vampish beauty of it all. Also going for a romantic feel but in the fresh and pretty way they do so well was Zimmermann, who used soft and lovely shades with lots of florals reminscent of Laura Ashley bedsheets with lots of sheer shapes and lattice-like lace.

MBFWA you truly were exceptional, I can't wait for the southern hemisphere's Spring/Summer season to arrive so I can buy some of these incredibly pretty things!


Magdalena Velevska

 Johanna Johnson


Carl Kapp

Jayson Brunsdon


Images from: MBFWA

Just So Pretty x

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