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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Although W.E was released earlier this year (sadly to a less than wonderful reception), I hadn't had the opportunity to see this stunning film until just this week.  I was struck by the incredible beauty of the production design and fascinating attention to detail in the costumes, make-up and overall look of the film.

Set in several time periods and tracing two different stories, the film covers the relationship of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII and his subsequent abdication to marry her in wartime Britain.  Also the fictional story of Wally Winthrop, a young New York wife obsessed with the life of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, whose love story she clings on to as her own relationship falls apart.

For as much as directing isn't what Madonna is known for, I thought she did a great job at telling this complex story woven between two central characters and multiple time periods.  I was charmed by the unfolding love story and followed the historical aspects of the story with great interest, as I previously didn't know a lot about the relationship between Wallis and Edward.  Exceptionally well cast, Abbie Cornish as Wally, Andrea Riseborough as Wallis and James D'Arcy as Edward were all perfect in their roles.

This exceptional editorial shot by Tom Munro for Vanity Fair, uses the same costumes and locations for the W.E film with Andrea Riseborough and James D'Arcy reprising their roles.  You can see the beautifully detailed costumes, themselves a mix of reproductions and vintage that added an authentic feel to the period pieces in the film.  If only the world was still this elegant looking.

Images from: Vanity Fair

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