NZFW 2012: Hailwood

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Mr Hailwood, you certainly know how to make the ladies swoon with your stunning creations!  Showing on the first day of NZFW, I was suitable impressed with his new collection and as it referenced one of my favourite decades, the seventies, I was hooked from the very first look. 

Drawing inspiration from LA's disco scene, Hailwood presented a lush collection of lovely garments which would be perfectly at home on the women of today with their modern styling.  Pretty full skirts, bomber jackets, slinky dresses and cute crop tops in silk, mesh, jersey and quilting created a charming look, accentuated by long luscious hair and gold accessories.  The graphic horse print added a playful element to this utterly alluring range.

I loved how soft and pretty this collection was with elements of high glamour, his show stopping gowns were some of the most spectacular looks seen on the runway all week.  This collection felt luxe and sophisticated with an edge of cool.  Perfection. 

Images by Olivia Coote and MAC Cosmetics

Just So Pretty x

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