NZFW 2012: Salasai

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Like a fresh country day, Salasai breathed life into the Day 3 NZFW schedule, opening the day with a laid-back presentation so warm you could practically feel the sunshine radiating from it.  Designer Kirsha Whitcher nails understated chic with her unisex garments and the reception to her latest collection is proof that she is still a fashion crowd favourite. 

With clever styling by Dan Ahwa, the collection was relaxed and modern with corn stalks, cowboy hats and neckscarves adding to the country and western vibe. Burgundy, navy, black, beige and ivory formed the basis of a colour palette which felt warm and earthy, with lemon adding an element of sunshine.  The garments were signature Salasai with nothing too tight, but dresses fitted enough to be feminine and suiting sharp enough to be masculine, all in sheers, silks and linen. 

Models sported some of the most beautiful makeup of the week thanks to Amber D at MAC, with the most striking burgundy glossy lips perfectly complementing the richness of the garments.  This was a collection I really enjoyed and it was brilliant to see every single look from the show on the runway for the finale so we could see the collection as a whole.   

Images by James Yang and MAC Cosmetics

Just So Pretty x

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