Fashion Month Spring/Summer 2013

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elie Saab from Paris Fashion Week

It felt like the fashion month of New York, London, Milan and Paris for Spring/Summer 2013 blew by in a big pretty blur yet again this year.  As much as I found time to spend an hour a day (or more) on checking out the new collections and adding my favourite images to Just So Pretty's facebook page, I didn't manage to get around to blogging much about it.  Although with so many people who were actually there covering it, you do wonder sometimes about the validity of covering an event purely on internet photos, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I do prefer reading the reviews of those who were actually there.

Anyway, the shows I loved were so many that it would take a huge chunk of this page to list them all, but I have to say that I prefered the collections in Paris and London over what was on offer in New York and Milan this time, every season that seems to change for me.  As usual the feminine designers I love; Alice Temperley, Marchesa, Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, Elie Saab etc didn't disappoint with beautiful displays of all that is gorgeous and girly about fashion.  I also adored Isabel Marant, Prada, Giles, Moschino, Balenciaga, Dior, the list goes on...

Giles from London Fashion Week

Interestingly enough one of my standouts was Dries Van Noten's brilliant collection, which felt like it brought Kurt Cobain back to life as a fashion collection.  Dubbed 'fashion Nirvana' by it was a look that really resonated with me, possibly because it was a much chicer version of what I wore at that point in time in the nineties, and to be fair would cheerfully wear again.  It was also perfectly captured in a way that made it utterly desirable, pretty sure there will be much more plaid added to my wardrobe next season, I love that they added the grubby regrowth and white sunglasses just like Kurt's too.

Dries Van Noten from Paris Fashion Week

One of the things I love about fashion month is discovering new designers who I hadn't heard of before, of course some of them are brand new and others are ones I just don't know of for some reason or other.  London seemed to be the place I noticed some of my favourite new talent with Jasper Conran, Fyodor Golan and Fred Butler all catching my eye this year amongst others.  I loved that Jasper Conran's show had the models walking barefoot on grass which really added to an authentic spring feel.  This granny chic patchwork dress was my favourite look and I'm serious when I say I would so add it to my wardrobe for the warmer weather - too cute! 

Jasper Conran from London Fashion Week
The internet is full of incredible galleries from fashion month,'s fantastic one is here which I've referenced so many times lately.  One of my goals for my fashion journalism career (yes, I have an actual journalism qualification in this now) is to attend fashion month as much as possible and I simply can't wait until that's a reality, even though so much more hard work is involved to get to that point.  This past fashion month has been so inspiring that I can't wait to be there myself, then I'll definitely be blogging about it too!

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