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Monday, October 29, 2012

Feminine fashion is my favourite kind, the title of this blog probably gave that one away, and there are a few local kiwi designers who exemplify the kind of fashion that delights and inspires me.  Ingrid Starnes does elegant garments with a playful edge in a way that is oh so clever and beautifully ladylike at the same time.  Her new collection for S/S 2013 'Dacha' is effortlessly pretty and exactly the kind of range I would love in my wardrobe for summer.

Last week I was invited to the opening event for the new Ingrid Starnes + Tessuti store in Newmarket, which was a great opportunity to view her new range in person as I hadn't had a chance to yet.  It's evident on closer examination of these garments exactly how intricately made and brilliantly designed they are.  Every piece sits perfectly and is put together so well that I wish everything I wore was made so carefully.  The new store is fittingly just as lovely as Starnes' garments and Tessuti's homewares, which brilliantly complement each other in the space.  When faced with so much beauty in one store it's hard to know where to start.

My eye was drawn first to Starnes' delicately embroidered silk pieces, the Tilda dress (above) is a definite favourite of mine for it's subtle winsomeness.  The sumptuous fabrics used in this collection, like every one of her collections, make you want to own and wear the pieces even more.  I also adored the Anika dress (below left) and Dorothy dress (bottom left), but I would absolutely wear every piece of this collection, even the pants, and I never wear trousers!

If you're after some elegant pieces for your wardrobe or beautiful homewares, Ingrid Starnes + Tessuti is definitely worth a visit, they also have a store in Herne Bay too.  You can also check out the rest of Starnes' gorgeous collection online here.


Interior of the new Ingrid Starnes + Tessuti in Newmarket

Images from: Ingrid Starnes

Just So Pretty x

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