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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Every so often a label comes along that perfectly captures a look in such a way that you can't imagine anyone else creating anything just like it and you notice that there was a definite gap in the local market before it appeared.  Inspired by the glamour of the old hollywood screen sirens, with an aesthetic that is timeless and oh so pretty, Surface Too Deep create swimwear that is ever so beautiful and utterly covetable.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Esther Miro and Sarah-Jane Abraham are the designers behind this gorgeous range which is in just it's second season, but is already inspiring a rapidly growing number of devotees. Their new collection is entitled 'Today Tomorrow Yesterday' and was launched at New Zealand Fashion Week last month as part of the Miromoda show and is released into stores and online this week.

Featuring a selection of strikingly pretty prints with a vintage feel and with muses including the iconic Brigette Bardot and Marilyn Monroe, it's a collection that is made to make the wearer feel gorgeous, feminine and confident.  But with so many different kinds of garments able to be created what made the Surface Too Deep girls decide to focus on swimwear?  'There's something sexy and magical about swimwear' says Sarah-Jane. "It's all about summer and sunshine and holidays which we love!  We're really passionate about prints, and swimwear creates a canvas where we can be much more adventurous than clothing.  All of our prints are designed by us and are exclusive to Surface Too Deep."

Their signature prints are certainly stunning and they design each with a different muse in mind, from the exquisite rainbow Flora print to the deep purple Penny print, which has a retro kaleidoscope feel, the prints add a unique look to shapes that are undoubtedly vintage inspired but really flattering.  As fit is one of the most important things about swimwear, the pieces are carefully constructed to ensure the fit is perfect and supportive, after all a girl has to be able to actually move in her swimwear!

Surface Too Deep on the runway at NZFW as part of the Miromoda show
Showing at any fashion week is a massive undertaking and for Surface Too Deep, the opportunity came about through the Miromoda competition, where they won the established section and the chance to participate in Miromoda's NZFW group show.  Although the production side of things were overseen by Miromoda, the girls still had decisions to make and how to style the show was an important one. "We did a bit of research into what looks good on the catwalk in terms of swimwear,' says Sarah-Jane.  'Ultimately anything that was added needed to enhance the swimwear not distract from it. We had a look we were going for and loved the floral headpiece trend that's going on but didn't feel wreaths were edgy enough for the look we wanted."  Fortuitously the girls met jewellery designer Nick Von K at NZFW's opening party a few days before their show.  After a meeting at his showroom he generously provided Esther and Sarah-Jane with the candy coloured semi-precious stone skulls and jet planes which adorned the models, providing a perfect edgy contrast to their designs.

As thrilling as showing on the NZFW runway was, it's the launch of their new collection this week and the warm response from their customers that has the duo excited at the moment.  'There are so many exciting moments throughout the season but this has to be one of the best!' enthuses Sarah-Jane.  "The anticipation of seeing the end to a year of work building up to this point.  The moment when someone sees our prints, falls in love and then finds the perfect style to complement their body is just magical.  I think we're probably more excited than they are because we know they will love this swimsuit for seasons." 

It's this desire to share the experience with their customers and delight in their purchases that sees the girls launching their collection at Ruby's Wellington store (Old Bank Arcade, Lambton Quay) this Wednesday 17th October from 5-7pm.  If you're in the area it's definitely worth stopping by to meet these lovely ladies and choose your own piece of beautiful swimwear for summer, or several!  They're offering great goodie bags with any new season purchase of Surface Too Deep too.  Otherwise the collection is available online here and their stockists list is on there as well.

With their obvious passion for their pretty creations and their label's growing popularity, something tells me we've just scratched the surface of the talent of this designer duo.  I can't wait to see the many amazing things to come from them in future.

Runway images by James Yang for Fashion Gallery NZ, other images from Surface Too Deep.

Just So Pretty x

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