The Amazing Art Of Footwear

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every so often I get invited to attend events that are truly special and have the kind of magic that is hard to define.  Whilst there are more and more slick and seamless events organised, Showroom 22 do seem to be adept at planning them too, sometimes you attend things that are just on a whole other level.  The lovely Kathryn Wilson planned her 'Art of Footwear' event to support Ronald McDonald House, which is a really important charity supporting the families of very sick children, the idea was to combine the launch of Kathryn's winsome new Winter 2013 collection with fundraising for RMH which Kathryn is involved with.

Kathryn collaborated with 15 local creatives, photographers, artists, stylists etc to create original artworks to be auctioned on the night for the charity, and the results were simply amazing, one of my favourites was by Kelly Thompson, whose beautiful fashion drawings I greatly admire.  Orsini also collaborated with Kathryn, creating a diamond shoe with $400k worth of diamonds that was also auctioned on the night via tablets monitored by lovely Vodafone girls. 

The evening was described in the invitation as 'fit for a princess' and it was clear that a great deal of time and effort had gone into creating a sumptuous and very enjoyable night.  From the wonderful  live string quartet, to the stunning location (the exclusive Northern Club) to the models re-creating Cinderella inspired scenes in gorgeous Pleasure State lingerie, and the clever placement of the artworks in the room, every detail had been meticulously attended to.

But to the shoes, as expected Kathryn's new collection for Winter 2013 is sleek and fashion forward with towering heels, sexy boots with great chain details and pretty prints in a rich wintery colour palette.  She really gets it right every season, creating footwear that is perfectly styled for every occasion, I loved the shiny patent heels that are such classic pieces and the metallic chains and soft prints, I want to add every piece to my wardrobe for winter.

It was such a pleasure to be invited to such a wonderful event and I'm thrilled for Kathryn that it raised a significant amount of money for such a worthy cause, now where to find my own diamond shoe, and Prince Charming for that matter!

Images by Rebekkah Farrell for Showroom 22

Just So Pretty x

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