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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beautiful lingerie is a passion of mine, I'm obsessed with pretty pieces of lace, silk and tulle, as I've had a rule for a long time that whatever is underneath my outfit has to be just as good as what the world can see on top.  There is just something about amazing, supportive lingerie which looks incredible and that lifts your posture that makes every outfit look better too.  So you can imagine my delight to learn of Rose and Thorne, who are a local lingerie company making some very lovely pieces and at ridiculously reasonable prices too.

Out of the ashes of Bendon moving it's production overseas, a group of talented lingerie designers came together to create a company with the vision of making well constructed, beautifully designed and very affordable lingerie.  Their emphasis on comfort and affordability has seen them stocked nationwide in NZ's most accessible store, The Warehouse, with Rose and Thorne recently celebrating their first anniversary in business, and a rather brilliant year at that.

As any successful business leader will tell you, the key to a great company is people and it's evident on my visit to Rose and Thorne's stunning fitting studio that they have a team that is oh so passionate about their business.  Designer and fitter Ali Smart and Social Media Guru Anya Merryfield were kind enough to spend some of their time chatting to me about what makes Rose and Thorne so special in the fast moving world of fashion, I also got to be fitted and try on their gorgeous collection.

Seeing a gap in the market for affordably priced, beautifully designed lingerie, Rose and Thorne tested and created a range that not only looks great, but fits really well and is consistent across all their products which is a bit of a revelation for lingerie.  Once you've been fitted properly, which I found really easy and totally non-embarassing, you know that you can buy any other piece in that same size and it will fit you too, you don't even need to bother trying it on - perfect!

Images from Rose and Thorne's beautiful fitting studio

So is it true that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size? "Yes. It's absolutely true," enthuses Ali. "The problem is women's breasts go through changes during their lifetime but women don't get re-fitted when they need to and just end up wearing whatever they have. A lot of women have also had really terrible experiences in the changing room or with fitters, and I mean more that just problems with cold hands, that puts them off getting the right bra. We're here to change that."

"Quite often women go down a dress size and up a cup size when they get fitted properly by us," concurs Anya, "We love that they usually walk out with a handful great fitting pieces that also cost less than just one bra from a designer range." It's this level of care for their customers which also drives their social media, with every single request and message responded to. "We want every customer to know that they matter and often people aren't used to that", continues Anya. "Because we don't have stores of our own and we're not present in person at The Warehouse, we deal with our customers almost entirely through social media. So we treat it like our shopfront, meaning that we're present and interact with our customers that way." Judging by their 11,000+ strong Facebook following it's a strategy that's certainly working for them too.

It was such a delight it to talk to two wonderful women who are so incredibly passionate about what they do and getting the message out there that every single women deserves to wear beautiful, supportive lingerie that is affordable and well made.   I couldn't resist snapping up the pieces I tried on and have been impressed with how well they fit and are made.  There are definitely no gimmicky Ah-bras at Rose and Thorne, that's for sure!

If you're keen to try the Rose and Thorne range for yourself you can pop by your nearest The Warehouse store or check out their website here. The contact details are on their website too, if you want to try their brilliant fitting service for yourself in Auckland, which I highly recommend.  Kudos to you, Rose and Thorne, for being such a truly inspirational company.


Images from: Rose and Thorne

Just So Pretty x

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  1. It was fantastic talking to you about what we are doing, and what we are trying to achieve! Thanks for this write up :)

    Anya @ Rose & Thorne


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