Petal Pretty: Kelsey Genna

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embracing the beauty of flowers to create some of the prettiest gowns I've seen in ages, Kelsey Genna presented her debut bridal collection at a delightful trunk show over the weekend.  Hailing from Wellington, Kelsey took her gorgeous collection on tour and presented it in a beautiful salon-style setting at Auckland's Kingsize Studios, where media and brides-to-be got to have some one on one time with the young designer and view her stunning creations up close.

At the tender age of just 21, Kelsey has already graduated fashion school and been selling pieces online since she was 16.  It was only in just the past few months that she has turned her attention to bridal design and developed her first stunning collection.  The range is currently available on her online store here and retails for $1700 - $2000 with bespoke options also available.

I have to say I was really impressed with how beautiful and well-made these gowns are in person.  I adored how cleverly Kelsey had used the idea of flowers throughout the collection, with petal-like layering, stunning cotton lace and sheer details keeping the look young and fresh.  I absolutely can't pick a favourite from these stunning gowns and am trying to think of a good enough reason to get my own made!  You can check out the rest of her winsome range on her website here too.

 Images from Kelsey's lookbook below

Kelsey's show from her Instagram:

More photos from Kelsey's show are on my Instagram feed here.

Images from Kelsey Genna

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