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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starting off the new year in an oh so gorgeous way, Glassons held their first season preview salon at the stunning Van Lier Rose Nursery in Riverhead yesterday.  I was fortunate enough to be invited along to see their upcoming winter ranges in the prettiest setting for a runway show I've ever experienced.

The afternoon began with a fun coach ride west from Britomart with a group of fashion media and stylists, on arrival at at our location we were greeted by a divine afternoon tea of little sandwiches and sweet treats from the team at Little and Friday, presented on a delightful table festooned with roses.  After a few delicious nibbles we assembled outside, seated either side of a runway in the middle of a massive glasshouse full of roses, it really was quite a sight to behold as you can see below.  Aided by a live band of sharply dressed guys, the show began and model after model paraded down the runway over a bed of scattered rose petals.

Presenting four key themes, rusty reds, vintage inspired lace and florals, military cool and easy-breezy denim, the collections were fresh and fun with a nineties vibe.  Being Glassons it was all really wearable but fashion forward at the same time, the new direction taken by Creative Director Adam Bryce aided by Stylist Zara Mirkin evident in the cool Stolen Girlfriends Club meets Lonely Hearts meets Twenty-Seven Names high fashion feel of the show.

I adored all the sweet little dresses, pretty florals and lovely lace, I don't usually wear denim but there were a few cute pieces that I'm definitely tempted to add to my wardrobe for winter.  I felt like Glassons have nailed the right looks for their target market with something to please the wide range of girls and women that buy their garments, and I bet this range will add to their followers too.  I'm looking forward to shopping for winter when these pieces hit stores.

You can also check out the cute video from the event here.

Thanks to the amazing teams at Showroom 22 and Glassons for their hospitality and an unforgettable start to the new fashion year.

Images my own

Just So Pretty x


  1. The leather skirt and white lace dress - yes please!

    As I am living in the UK at present I wont be seeing these in store - however I could buy them online and send them to my dads house? What do we think ;)

    P.s. I like your blog - well written.

    1. Thanks Paula, really glad you like my blog. Yes, you should totally get the pieces you want sent to your Dad's then forwarded on to you, I do that when I'm living overseas too :)
      Loving this new direction for Glassons, just had a look in store over the weekend and the prices are pretty good too!


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