So Sweet And Free (People)

Monday, January 21, 2013

This has to be some of the sweetest campaign imagery I've seen in ages.  Using a mix of real girls and models, Free People's January campaign feels fresh and oh so pretty.  I love the use of vintage bicycles with floral baskets too -so cute!  It's really good to see a mix of faces that have a natural look, although it obviously would have been nice to see more of a range of sizes since they chose to use real girls, rather than them all being on the thin side.  But the more willowy look does seem to suit this collection and I love the genuine expressions on their faces.

The streets of Amsterdam certainly look gorgeous in this shoot too, the beautiful use of natural light suits the light, carefree tone of the campaign, it feels like Spring brought to life.  I'm loving the lacy pieces and the crochet in this collection too, how pretty are the dresses in the shots below?  Although my favourite piece from this range is the winsome Mexican Wedding dress, to see what I mean you can check it out here.  I think I need to add one of those cute bikes to my collection as well, suddenly I'm keen to go for a ride in the sunshine.

Images from: Free People

Just So Pretty x

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