C Is For Chloë

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's no secret that Chloë Sevigny has had a long association with fashion and is known for her quirky-cool style.  So it's with great interest that the fashion world has watched her career as a designer develop and her latest collection for Opening Ceremony sees her delve into her own teenage years again for inspiration.  Being a rebellious nineties teen with a penchant for sixties mod chic, Chloë's turned that carefree attitude into a range that's fun, sweet and a little bit cheeky.

Lots of swinging short skirts, cute cropped jackets and coats, and adorable dresses complement the pastel colour palette with pops of red, black and white.  Did you check out those awesome little shoes too?!  It's a collection that's really covetable for it's cuteness factor and wearability by teens and those of us wishing to re-capture that youthful naiveté.  It would have been pretty cool to see Chloë present this collection in New York this week, but these new lookbook images are pretty great and I will be hanging out for it to be released online in a few months time. Oh, and I need that pretty blonde haircut of hers  - adorable!

Images from: Opening Ceremony

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  1. Can I just be her omg this is amazing



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